Wedding Insurance

When you are planning your big day, you don’t usually count on things going wrong. But no matter how many plans you make, it is impossible to plan for every eventuality. There are things that are beyond your control, and that’s why Kiley Insurance Agency offers a Wedding Insurance policy to our customers.

There are so many opportunities for things to go wrong, such a reception venue that goes out of business or is shut down for code violations. Or a big summer storm that knocks down electricity and causes your wedding to be postponed. Another possibility is a bridal shop that shuts down without finishing the bride’s dress or only providing half the dresses to the bridesmaids. These are the type of situations and emergencies that are covered under the Wedding Protector Plan.

Your wedding day is a big investment. Studies show that the average wedding in America will run approximately $27,000 and, as a result, is more of an investment than ever before.

You wouldn’t spend $27,000 on a brand new car and not insure it against damage, theft or other accidents, would you?

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