Inland Marine

This type of insurance policy was created originally as a means of extending Ocean Marine coverage to protect goods as they were transported throughout the country.

However, Inland Marine insurance coverage has evolved over the years to include a variety of unique property and legal liability protections to business owners.

Property Coverage

An Inland Marine policy covers property that is associated most commonly with goods or property that is moved or carried via domestic transit. One example of this would be a collection from a museum that travels to different sites across the country. Another would be products that are shipped to various locations by a manufacturer. Mobile medical equipment or even contractor’s equipment that is moved between states would also be covered under Inland Marine.

Fixed property can also be covered. For example, property that is used in transportation or communications are covered by Inland Marine. Bridges, broadcasting equipment for radio or television, computers and more would all fall under this category. In addition, installation projects or buildings that are under construction are also eligible for coverage under Inland Marine.

Legal Liability Coverage

Another aspect of Inland Marine is legal liability coverage for property that belongs to others while it is in the care, control or custody of your business. One example of this would be coverage for cargo as it is being transported. Another would be to insure the responsibility for goods while in the custody of a warehouse. Machinery that belongs to another company that is being lifted by a rigging company could also be covered under this type of coverage.

All of your equipment can be covered by Inland Marine. Tools that are located at job sites or at your place of business, as well as tools that are being transported between job sites, are eligible for coverage. Electronic data processing coverage can also be purchased under Inland Marine insurance.