Home Insurance

Kiley Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of homeowners insurance policies to protect your home and property. This includes garages and any other buildings that are located on your property, as well as household and personal possessions that are on your property. Living expenses are provided for policy holders who are unable to live in the insured property due to damages associated with a covered loss.

Personal Liability Coverage

This type of policy will help pay for any injuries to others on your property, as well as any legal responsibilities for any accidents that caused injury to others.

Medical Liability Coverage

This coverage will protect you in the event of an accident where you might be held libel by visitors or others who were on-site when the incident occurred, covering medical payments and medical costs associated with a covered loss.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Kiley Insurance provides many additional coverage optioins, including a Guaranteed Replacement Cost, which provides our clients coverage for the actual cost associated with completely replacing their home after a covered loss. This amount will be paid in full regardless of your policy limit. This policy can also be made to cover the contents of your home to prevent a deduction for depreciation of personal property items.

Personal Property Limits

Customers can choose to boost the limits for valuables such as personal computers, furs, jewelry, silverware and cameras. You can also choose to separately insure these items on a schedule, which would include specific details about each item within your policy for more comprehensive coverage.

Cost-Cutting Measures

There are ways to reduce the monthly costs for your homeowners insurance policy. Security and safety devices, including burglar alarms, security cameras, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems are just some of the items that can help take money off your bill. Homes that are located within 5 miles of an eligible fire station and homes that are still relatively new will also receive additional credits. Increasing your deductible is one way of cutting costs and renewing your policy each year are other ways to take advantage of credits, renewal discounts and other cost-cutting options.