Personal Insurance

In most situations, accidents, storms and burglaries aren’t things that we can see coming, side-step or even avoid. However, it is possible to plan ahead in the event that your home or other property are affected in some way. Insurance policies provide coverage that helps us put the pieces back together after we have been involved in one of these unfortunate events. Insurance is there to cover unexpected repairs or replacement of lost or damaged property.

Most people would not be able to deal with the financial impact that can come from not being properly insured in such a situation. Insurance gives us the peace of mind in knowing that we are protected in the event of an emergency. Obtaining proper coverage for your home and auto can help prevent you from having to deal with unexpected out of pocket costs to repair damages to your property. Home and auto insurance policies also protect you from liabilities, including third party damage and injuries.

Auto Insurance Policy

A typical auto insurance policy will usually consist of multiple coverages, including basic liability insurance, comprehensive coverage, medical, collision insurance, no-fault, PIP and uninsured motorists. Additional add-on features are also readily available through your local insurance agent. Most states require consumers to carry at least a minimum amount of auto insurance. However, in order to fully protect yourself from lawsuits and excessive repair bills, it is worth your while to purchase a policy that exceeds the state minimum…

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Home Insurance Policy

A homeowners policy is required by most mortgage companies to ensure protection of the property they are securing. Similar to state-mandated auto insurance, some of the minimum homeowners insurance policies that are accepted by lenders won’t adequately protect homeowners from costly repairs, replacements or liabilities. Some of the damages not typically covered in a basic policy include personal property that might be lost in a fire or flood. Homeowners should make sure that their property is properly assessed and that its value is adequately determined in order to obtain enough coverage to provide financial support in the event of loss or damage…

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Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance policy is purchased to cover any costs associated with death, including a potential financial hardship following the death of the breadwinner, any medical bills or costs associated with burial. There are several different variables that can affect the type and amount of coverage available including the frequency of payments, stability of making established payments, payout method, amount of coverage and the duration of the coverage…

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Flood Insurance Policy

Get affordable flood insurance through Travelers of Massachusetts and protect your property. Studies show that 25% of all floods happen in areas that are considered low-to-moderate risk and that every single state experiences flooding. Most people don’t even realize that they aren’t adequately covered in the event of a flood or that they are at-risk for flooding until it happens. Protect your home and property by adding a flood insurance policy to your overall insurance package…

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Wedding Insurance Policy

You might be surprised to find out that there is an actual insurance policy created specifically to cover any damages, problems or issues that can negatively impact a wedding. Everything, from the dress to the weather on the day of the event, can be covered under this type of policy. If the bride’s dress is damaged and the dress shop goes out of business, a wedding insurance policy will cover it. If a freak storm hits your outdoor wedding, a wedding insurance policy will cover it. Studies show that the average wedding in the United States costs approximately $27,000. A figure that large should be protected, covered and insured…

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