Contractors Policy

The Contractor’s Program at Kiley Insurance Agency is designed to work as a unique program that focuses on the unique needs and requirements of contractors. This policy provides property coverage that insures your building and its contents. Liability coverage is also provided to cover any legal liabilities that you might be exposed to through your business.

In addition to liabilities and commercial buildings, all of your tools and equipment can also be covered under this policy. They are covered whether they are stored in your truck, at your shop or at a job site. The types of tools covered include small hand tools on up to much larger equipment, such as backhoes. It’s all covered in the Contractor’s Program policy.

Kiley Insurance Agency also covers a wide range of optional coverage to help fill in the gaps not covered by your basic policy. Our commercial insurance specialists can help you choose the options that will help to enhance your Contractor’s Program policy to create a custom plan that suits your needs.

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