Commercial Insurance

A lot of experience, knowledge and a commitment to providing quality customer service goes into providing insurance to the business community.

Kiley Insurance Agency is dedicated to doing the job right, the first time, and providing our business clients with excellent service and support.

Custom Insurance Packages Available

A wide range of both traditional and non-traditional insurance packages are available to our clients through Kiley Insurance’s Commercial Insurance Program. In addition to the services we offer for general insurance policies, we also have custom designed insurance programs that will satisfy the unique needs of any business of professional organization, including home builders, building owners, landscapers and medical professionals.

Pricing and Cost-Cutting Measures

Compared to personal insurance policies, commercial insurance pricing can be extremely complex. At Kiley Insurance Agency, we suggest that our clients have their insurance premiums and expenses audited on a regular basis. This includes policies for liability, property and other commercial or casualty insurance services. Regular audits will help to determine possible ways to reduce your monthly premiums and help you identify factors that could contribute to higher rates, helping you to make changes and keep your rates low.

Which Programs Are Right for You?

It is important to have the right amount of coverage and the right type of policy for your business. Kiley Insurance will help you figure out what policies and products would work best within your unique business situation. Packages can be chosen based upon the type of products or services you provide, the method you use to distribute them, the materials you use in your place of business, your safety and security procedures, your loss experience and even the size of your workforce.

An experienced firm like Kiley can help you wade through all of the options and assist you in making an informed selection. Our agents are licensed, certified and trained to help our clients choose the best insurance products in order to provide the proper amount of coverage. You can rest assured that Kiley will help you find the right combination of products and options to properly cover your business.

From retailers to wholesalers, manufacturers to transport services, Kiley can create a custom commercial insurance program to match the specific needs of your business. Our commercial insurance specialists can find the perfect package for small business owners, self-employed contractors or multi-location companies that employ hundreds of workers. Whatever your needs, we’ll work directly with you to find the right coverage at the best possible rate.